ReliOn BP200 Auto Inflate Deluxe Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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The ReliOn Deluxe Auto Inflate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is ideal for patients looking to track their blood pressure at home. The large, easy-to-read tilted digital monitor blood pressure monitor display on this home blood pressure monitor includes systolic, diastolic and pulse readings. Two-user feature with 60 memory allows each user to track and store up to 30 readings each. Also features a BP level indicator which uses icons on the display to display the range in which your blood pressure lies, according to the standards established by the World Health Organization. Also includes advanced averaging, irregular heartbeat detection, date and time memory, and an adjustable wide-range cuff. The cuff fits standard and large arms measuring 9"-17" in circumference, and features an artery marker on the cuff to help provide correct cuff placement. This ReliOn Deluxe Auto Inflate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor includes 4 AA alkaline batteries and an instruction manual. Rated "Best Buy" in Home Blood Pressure Monitors by the top independent U.S. product testing laboratory. This ReliOn Digital Blood Pressure Monitor can truly be relied on for accuracy and comfort.

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