Bayer Color Microlet Lancets - 100 Count

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Do you need help when remembering to test your blood sugar levels? The Bayer Blood Glucose Color Microlet Lancets, 100ct are color-coded so that you don't forget your testing time. You can use a new color-colored lancet for each day of the week. Now that these blood glucose lancets are coated in silicone, your testing experience is easier and gentler. Plus, the silicone coating of each of these Bayer lancets are safe and do not interfere with your Bayer meter. Available in a pack of 100, these testing strips can last for months, depending on how often your test your blood sugar levels. For easier and simpler blood glucose testing, use each lancet once. This helps reduce pain and your risk of infection. Before you give yourself a gentle prick, use the Bayer Blood Glucose Color Microlet Lancets on the sides of your finger, instead of the center. The sides of your finger have less blood vessels and nerve endings, which means that you have much more comfortable testing experience.

Bayer Color Microlet Lancets, 100ct:

  • For simple and smooth blood glucose testing
  • Diabetes care made simpler
  • Silicone-coated lancets for easier and gentler testing
  • Vibrantly-colored lancets to color code your testing times
  • 100 count lancets
  • For use with the Bayer's Microlet 2, Microlet, and Microlet Vaculance lancing devices

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